Christmas special - Experience Australian barbecue culture and taste kangaroo meat

February 13, 2020

There are various kinds of Australian food, such as king crab, lobster, wine, deep-sea oysters... Which food best represents Australia? Which food is Australia's national dish? If there is a poll to be taken, 「Panda Tuan」will tell you that it is definitely home-cooked in Australia - BBQ tops the list!

Not only do ordinary people like BBQ, but they can also see people eating and chatting around the BBQ every weekend or holiday. Even the prime minister of Australia used BBQ to serve world leaders before the 2014 G20 summit.

For Australians, the beauty of BBQ is not only to enjoy the delicious food itself but also to become a social activity. Relatives and friends gather together, stand or sit, lie or play in the blue sky, green grass, bird songs and flowers, which is very relaxed and comfortable. An Australian style barbecue is a cultural experience you must experience when you come to Australia.

「Panda Tuan」2019 Christmas special will experience Australia's BBQ culture at home, we also chose the very Australian characteristics of kangaroo meat, let's see what it is like to eat kangaroo meat experience!

「Panda Tuan」is available on YouTube

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